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FORM SOCIETY is an interdisciplinary architectural practice with offices in Luxembourg and Vienna. Our know-how and field of work includes interior, architectural and urban design. FORM SOCIETY is furthermore dedicated to extensive research...

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FSY Writings

Form Society Writings

This is the research weblog of FORM SOCIETY. The entries represent some of FORM SOCIETY’s latest analyses in architectural theory.   Ecological hyper-architecture and the ambiguity of its value The environmentalist movement of...

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Tracing Transitions opened!

FORM SOCIETY participates at the 2016 Architecture Biennale in Venice. Under the commission of LUCA (Luxembourg Center for Architecture) we have curated and designed the exhibition ‘Tracing Transitions’ together with architectural activist Claude...

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Festsaal Osweiler

FORM SOCIETY is designing the new community hall for the town of Osweiler in Luxembourg. The building is overlooking the town from the edge of a slope. It contains a central hall for...

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Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition

How to deal with the architectural and cultural heritage of the Bauhaus in terms of a museum building? FORM SOCIETY in cooperation with xarchitekten and Lindle+Bukor/studio for landscape developed a concept for the new Bauhaus...

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Ingolstadt Cover

“City Parquet”. Pedestrian area renewal Ingolstadt

In corporation with YEWO landscapes, FORM SOCIETY entered the competition for the renewal of Ingolstadt’s main pedestrian area. The project gives a new meaning to the existing pedestrian area located on the historic...

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Michelangelostrasse Cover

Urban Ideas Competition. Michelangelostrasse Berlin

Berlin’s population is growing and the city is in need for additional living space. City districts are therefore investigated for their potential to establish more residential buildings. In Berlin’s district Pankow, the housing...

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A Gadder Exterior

Attraction Center “A Gadder” Belvaux. Competition 2. Prize

FORM SOCIETY won the second prize on the competition for the Attraction Center in Belvaux, Luxembourg. “A Gadder” is a cultural institution comprising a historical museum and a cultural center that is used...

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Pradl Cover

Retirement Home Competition. Alten- und Pflegeheim Pradl Innsbruck

The concept combines a distinct spatial organization with a nuanced articulation of urban planning. Two shifted building sections generate a basic outline. The further displacement of the building sites produces a subtle structure....

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SyJ Cover

Rooftop Loft SyJ Luxembourg

The rooftop loft is an upward extension of a small traditional row house in the inner city of Luxembourg. The goal of the project was to create additional living space and answer to...

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Seating Furniture

The seating furniture is designed to be used in public waiting areas. Its form makes different use situations and different spatial arrangements possible, offering various communicative situations.  

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Map_Strandhaus AA

Beach House. An der schönen blauen Donau. Vienna

  The Beach House A-A at ‘An der oberen alten Donau’ in Vienna has been accomplished in April 2013.

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Wine Pavilion Desom. Remich. Luxembourg

The wine pavilion Desom in Remich, Luxembourg serves the presentation and tasting of wine. Its main floor consists of a wine shop, a bar with kitchen, restrooms and storage facilities, and a large...

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Athen Cover 02

Topos and Astra – Rethink Athens.

The project concerns the re-design and the revitalization of the city center of Athens. Thereby it aims for the preservation of the multifaceted functionality of the center and for the strengthening of its...

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Nordbahnstadt. Vienna.

The project proposes a new city quarter including housing, offices, shops, schools and other public facilities next to an inner city railway line in Vienna. The plan follows the concept of the Compact...

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Dormitory. Trier.

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Panajota Panotopoulou. Die Macht des Netzwerks. Lernen von Europa.

In Zeiten einer tiefgreifenden EU-Krise scheint die Aussage ‚Lernen von Europa‘ absurd. Europa ist Sinnbild für Diversität, Gemeinschaft und Solidarität – nicht zuletzt durch die Verdienste europäischer Architekten und Urbanisten. Netzwerk EU –...

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FORM SOCIETY proudly presents the first book publication by Daniel Grünkranz.

„Architektur und Bewegung“ – der Bewegungsbegriff steht hier nicht etwa als Metapher für architektonische Formensprachen. Er steht auch nicht für die dynamischen Vorgänge im digitalen Habitat im Zusammenhang mit architektonischen Entwurfsprozessen. Er nimmt...

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Missing Link: Bridging The Danube River. Vienna.

The project suggests a multifunctional network of bridges built over the river Danube in the city of Vienna. It deals with a historical grown border situation within the city area caused by the...

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Panajota Panotopoulou: Architekturproduktion in einer vernetzten Welt.

Über die Funktion einer neuen Ausbildungsstätte für Architektur sowie die Rolle des Architekten in einer globalisierten und vernetzten Welt. Urbane Orte sind dynamisch, fast als organische Gebilde zu verstehen. Ihre „metabolischen“ Prozesse können...

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Daniel Grünkranz: Function at all events. An ontology of architectural function.

Architecture executes an array of specific actions. This claim marks an initial point for the introduction of an ontological view on function in connection with architecture. This approach is orientated towards the metaphysics...

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Daniel Grünkranz: Contributions of system theory and the phenomenological-ontological approach to architectural theory. A critical insight.

Architectural practice and theory find their initial point in a range of theories, sciences and intellectual concepts. This is by no means without consequences. And it becomes a matter of criticism too in...

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BNL Section

Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg. Plateau de Kirchberg. Luxembourg.

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Panajota Panotopoulou: Transurbanismus – Städtebau im Globalen Zeitalter am Beispiel von Luxemburg: Oder « Ceci n’est pas … un paradis fiscal » (1)

Ceci n’est pas … – Dies ist kein … Im Zeitalter der Globalisierung befindet sich die Stadt in einem immerwährenden Transformationsprozess, formiert kontinuierlich neue Systeme und Netzwerke, die sich überlappen und verflechten. Das...

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Daniel Grünkranz: Towards a Phenomenology of Responsive Architecture: Intelligent Technologies and Their Influence on the Experience of Space.

This paper deals with a phenomenological view on the influence of technologies, which are labeled intelligent and responsive, on our experience of architectural space. The origin of these technologies is to be found...

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